London Guide: For an All Round Trip

London guideLondon is not only famous for being a melting pot of races but also because it never disappoints its visitors. The city is toured by millions from across the globe who throng here to taste the highly modern life of the city. However, a trip to London is incomplete if you miss some important sights of the city. This calls for keeping a London Guide handy to ensure that you capture every part of the city in your heart.

The best way to get to London is through plane. There are five airports in the city and getting a taxi pretty easy throughout the day. The Heathrow airport also features Heathrow Express rail from where you can take a train to Paddington and from there on tube, cab or bus. London is well connected to Paris and Brussels by train, apart from all the other cities of England. National Express, Eurolines and Megabus are the major bus services in London. It is better to get a travelcard to save some bucks on traveling expenses. The Tube is the largest underground train network in the world serving Londoners since 1863. All the major parts of the city are connected with each other through tube stations. A London guide will have all transport options in the city making it easier for you to travel as per your convenience.

A London guide will also serve as an important source of getting to know about the location and routes of all the major places of religious importance, shopping centers, hospitals, museums, cinemas, circus and restaurants. Some of the famous symbols of the city are the popular Tower of London, the London Eye, Westminster Abbey and the Tower Bridge. The Buckingham Palace, official residence of the royal family, is a must-see. The St Paul’s Cathedral, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament are some of the other attractions in the city.

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